Our sole emphasis is to find and introduce new and innovative components for environmental systems into the HVACR industry, catering to both the Minisplit and conventional ducted sectors.

The Green Vacuum

green vacuum

The award winning Green Vacuum is a revolutionary new concept in fully automated condensate drain maintenance in central ducted AC systems. It consists of a powerful low voltage vacuum pump which is connected into the condensate drain line and is automatically activated at preset intervals by an integral electronic timer, ensuring that there can be no sludge or algae buildup in the drain line.

Pipe Prop

pipe prop

The Pipe Prop adjustable pipe support system guarantees a fully professional appearance for the finished installation and is perfect for HVAC condensate drains, gas supply lines and electrical conduit piping and it is currently the only pipe support system which carries a hurricane rating from Miami-Dade County, Florida.


rough in box

Designed specifically to conform with North American construction standards, RoughinBox protects linesets, cable, wiring and drain lines during other construction phases such as dry walling and painting, prior to final installation of the evaporator.

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